Posted by: shinyhappythings | Saturday, April 28, 2007

The pattern is in my head

Along with the cutting list. Shame it never makes it to paper as it seems to disappear from my head when I get to the fabric store. So I end up just a wee bit short… so much for not buying too much fabric. I don’t buy enough and have to buy all over again.  The high point of my day today was not only making it to the fabric store and finding a spot to park in the shade so the dog didn’t get too hot in our spring sun… but getting inside and realizing I didn’t have my regular glasses with me, only my prescription sunglasses. So I was peering over the top of my glasses to check out the colours… sigh. I think I managed ok but I decided to quit when I was ahead and only bought the fabric I really needed.

My ‘craft room’ is actually my dining room and I am so fed up putting it all away every time there is more than one person eating at the table. Please can’t I have a house with a dedicated craft room? 


My new favourite fabric for my babie girlie quilt… these very happy fairies.


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