Posted by: shinyhappythings | Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hiding in plain view

In the last few weeks I have been looking forward to spring, and anticipating the fresh fruit we get here in June and July.  With summer and peaches comes my yearly canning spree. It’s all fine to look forward to it now, as we shivered in the garden centre, and were glad we hadn’t asked for the patio for Mother’s Day brunch. However I know all too well how hot it will be in July and August with the canner going full tilt in the heat of a BC summer day. Nonetheless, the prospect of peaches and pears all through the winter makes it all worth it.

Living as I do in a relatively small home, I am always in need of storage space.  My empty mason jars have been hiding in every kitchen cupboard and a few random spots in the storage room – even a few out in the carport. As I gather them together, clean the dodgy looking ones and count my rings it occurs to me that I need a better storage system for these jars.


Being my mother’s daughter I went to the liquor store and got some more cardboard boxes, but that is just what my storage room needs; more unlabelled boxes. So on my trip through the dollar store today I spotted the ultimate solution – cheap and cheerful. I bought a few rolls of adhesive shelf paper and covered my cardboard boxes in a lovely black and white toile. 

It couldn’t be easier – the shelf paper is somewhat re-positionable and it takes no time at all to finish a few boxes.  Now I can leave them stacked in the corner of the dining room and no one will ask me if I’m moving.   It should also be easier to spot the boxes as I store them elsewhere in the house. I am somewhat reluctant to paper over the Barcardi box though – my mum gave me all her canning supplies a few years ago, with the box helpfully labelled “No spiders!”  Thanks mum, and Happy Mother’s Day.



  1. Oh, that’s a good idea! Cheap and pretty!

  2. Wow, congratulations, Anne! That’s a long time to work toward your goal. I’m glad your career is one that makes you happy. I hope you celebrated well!

  3. Congratulations! Enjoy the extra cash that should be in your wallet now that course fees are over.

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