Posted by: shinyhappythings | Saturday, May 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Victoria

Thanks for the long weekend.


This year I was determined to not get caught out by store closings. We are so used to being able to buy anything, any time we like that when we see a store actually closed we are a bit dumbfounded. Many other years I have got caught up by the Weekend Have To Do’s by Sunday and found myself with a Monday free for sewing projects. Only to find that I don’t have the right zip or enough thread or interfacing or lining or … you get the picture.  So this year I got out on Saturday and stocked up. There is no way that there will be enough time on Monday for me to finish enough projects that I run out of something.  And if I do run out of projects, I received my happy bundle of fabric this week – thanks Kristin – so I’ll be ready to think up something new.

It may be surprising to those who know him that I have never blogged about my dog before. Jax is my only dependent and I am still determined to get him on my extended health benefits at work. The reason that I haven’t blogged about him here is that I was considering creating a blog just about him. I have realized however that another blog would only take time away from the Doing… spending time with him and getting all my craftiness taken care of.  He does deserve a mention here today because he must have heard me thinking about what project to tackle first. Being the ever so helpful guy he is, he decided that chewing some holes in his crate pad would give me a project worthy of both of us.  For some reason, he has this routine in the morning when I go to work. I lock the door and he heads to his crate. He hauls the pad out of it, throws it up in the air like a pizza baker, flips it around a bit, humps it a bit then leaves it where ever it lands for the rest of the day.  All this tossing around has made a series of holes in the flannel cover. These are not the first holes he has made. But clever me, I have a backup stash of black flannel that I use to patch the pad cover. So there is always another project should I find the time.

bed1-sm.jpg  bed2-sm.jpg 

This morning during my shower I heard the dreaded gurgle from the toilet. Those of you who know me know that I have had more than my share of floods in this townhouse. I must be at the drain low point in the building but certainly I am at the bad flood luck low point. Three years ago this spring I heard the gurgle, which was shortly followed by a blub of fountain water out of the floor drain. Which was followed many hours later by the plumber. Plumbers have got to be the most laid back people – just what constitutes an Emergency with them? Honey, I’m in labour . Ok see you at the hospital in 4-6 hours. Seems a thoughtful upstairs neighbour had flushed Something That Ought Not Be Flushed, and my place paid the price. Upside, ok, was all new carpets and vinyl. Downside (and believe me it was more down than up) was moving out for three months (three!) while a series of workmen repaired my place twice. Once, how they thought they could get away with it, and twice, by how I needed it to be. So hearing that gurgle this morning had me on my knees with a prayer no more eloquent than ‘no no no please no no not again please no’.  It went on for half an hour or so, and included some indelicate belches and a random emptying of the toilet bowl, but my prayers may have worked because all seems quiet now.


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