Posted by: shinyhappythings | Monday, June 25, 2007

Done! Finally! With the paper to prove it.


It’s taken so long it’s been a part of me, who I am, what I should be doing anytime I’m not doing something else. Student. I graduated from college originally 13 years ago, and went straight into a field that I knew within a year wasn’t for me. 3 years later I went back to our local polytechnical, part time, to do a degree in technology management.

Well 10 years, 1 divorce and a couple of house moves later, I’m done!  Last Friday I convocated, a ceremony that I wasn’t sure I’d attend. But I did (see picture above – thanks mum!) and I’m glad of it – I worked hard and the pomp and circumstance is a nice recognition of that. It takes you out of the day to day routine and a chance to reflect on the last ten years. I tried to not get teary – my folks were there to cheer me on – they are so proud. And I’m proud of me too. Four years ago I was newly separated and gutted beyond belief. It wasn’t in my life plan to be single and childless at this age. Fortunately I have a positive attitude and a wonderful support system and once I found my horse I got back up on it!

Yes the stuff I learned in my course has helped – within two years of starting I was into a new field. Today I still love my career and the potential it has. But mostly I’m just glad to be done. No sinking feeling when you are enjoying a sunny day that you ought to be studying. No putting off vacations or other spendy fun stuff because another $500 is needed for a course. No feeling that there’s yet another thing in my life not completed.

I did it. I started it. I finished it. I can look am looking after myself and be am good at what I do.

And no, I’m not kissing the MC in the photo. That’s just my mum’s timing. Or a really coincidental way of her telling me I’ve been single too long and he looks like a nice boy, he’s got a job and pronounced all those hard names exactly right.


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