Posted by: shinyhappythings | Saturday, July 7, 2007

Quick summer holiday


Happy Canada Day and 4th of July. I had a quick 5 day camping vacation in the hot sun of Oroville Washington this week and have come back to the coast glad of the cooler weather.  The state park we camped in was absolutely beautiful – a great site with real toilets and showers. The lake is so warm that you really don’t want to get out of it!

lily-sm.jpgThe Okanagan river widens and becomes Osoyoos Lake, partially in Canada and the rest in the US.  The edge of the river is where we sat and enjoyed our coffee every morning. With the early sunrise, we were up and about far too early for vacation days, but a couple of cups of coffee took care of a good part of the morning. The lily pads harboured some carp, turtles and a lot of mama ducks with their babies, and feeding them every morning became an important task.

turtleIt was the first time I had been camping in a few years, and although I enjoy it, it is yet another time with all my couple-friends and their kids. It makes me feel the down-side of being single all too much. Maybe single people don’t camp, or maybe they camp together and haven’t invited me but I sure felt out of place. Either it was the drama of teenage girls and their mothers, or the constant neediness of a three year old, or the cooing of couples still in love but by Friday I was glad to be heading home. I’m not really down in the dumps about this but even the drive home could have been a lot more fun if I was with someone who wanted to be with just me. And I’m not romanticizing this – I’ve been with someone who has to pack the car on his own because I can’t do it right. And who won’t pull over to look at the view because we’re on a single lane mountain highway and we’ve just passed all those motorhomes finally. Maybe what I want isn’t out there, but it sure wasn’t camping with me this weekend.

However, it was still good to get away and better again to get home. 800 km, a lot of fireworks (the 4th of July kind), 15 cds and the engine overheating twice – it really was all worth it .


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