Posted by: shinyhappythings | Monday, July 23, 2007

A Lightening McQueen birthday

Since there’s virtually no chance that my four year old neighbour is likely to read this, I’m going to show you his birthday work in progress. He (unlike any other 4-year olds!) is a big Cars fan, especially Lightening McQueen. Tow-mater is pretty good too but Lightening McQueen definitely comes out at the top of the pack.
So with a fourth birthday upcoming and no real desire to quilt in the summer, this was a good chance to get some sewing started and finished. It was also a good chance to buy and use some pretty cool fabric that I wouldn’t normally have in my stash. The pillowcase was my first birthday present idea but I thought that, Lightening McQueen aside, what four year old really wants bedding for a birthday. I had no pattern for the pillow case (who needs patterns anyhow) and it took me the longest time to figure out how to put it all together so that the black piping (it started out as piping ok) didn’t show on the back side. It’s all done now though and I’m quite happy with the result.
The Lightening McQueen fabric was a bolt end at Walmart so I ended up with 2 metres – no point in leaving 1 metre for someone to pick up in the remnants bin was there? So no doubt this fabric will be hanging around for a while but I’ve tried to get the most use out of it now… The banner up top there is a stash-busting project. Hopefully he (and his folks) will like it and will hang it on his bedroom wall – so far the “A” is sewn on and the rest of his name is pinned and placed. The digital picture helps me to see more easily if the letters are placed right, and I think they are pretty good now. And yes, I double checked the spelling of his name before I cut out these fiddly letters.
So happy 4th birthday Aidan – I’m sure these won’t compete with all the cool toys you’ll get but it made me feel good making them, and maybe one day mom will put these in your treasure chest.



  1. Wow, the little guy is going to love that. I don’t know about Aidan, but my 6-year-old would be excited about having a special character pillowcase.

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