Posted by: shinyhappythings | Friday, July 27, 2007


I found this site tonight (thanks to Crazy Aunt Purl), and what better way to spend 10 minutes than creating your Simpsons avatar at this site. The resemblance is uncanny.

Now if only I could have more than three fingers, and perhaps some lips things would be just right. And some glasses. And that waist. That’s pretty far fetched actually. The hair is about right. And the t-shirt is pretty cool.

And no, Aidan’s birthday present is not finished yet, and the plums are not yet canned. Another neighbourly ambush at 7pm tonight ended all good intentions. So this post is an 11pm attempt to get something done tonight other than try to resist glasses of wine. Somehow a migraine tomorrow morning is just not in my plans.



  1. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog & for the freezer jam recommendation. I’ll definitely try it the next time around!

    So glad you stopped by and happy that it means I was able to find your blog in return. I will be back & I hope you visit me again, too. Have a great weekend!

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