Posted by: shinyhappythings | Tuesday, July 31, 2007

First day at the new job

first-day.jpgIt’s my little baby’s first day at … work… sniff. I’m so proud. Jax has recently qualified as a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog. We go every Tuesday evening for an hour to the extended care ward at our local hospital. It is pretty neat to hear lots of people (not everyone) exclaim “oh look, there’s a dog” and “hey it’s Lassie”. Jax doesn’t take offense at being called Lassie, or girl. As long as there are good smells (and whew, are there ever at times) and maybe the occasional crumb to eat he’s happy enough.

I stopped to visit one old lady that I have known since I was little. She’s always been an old lady to me – she’ll be 99 in September. She is so with it – I hope I’m that good when I get old. She gave Jax a good thumping pat just as he likes it. She’s always had dogs and wishes she could still have one. I suggested that I leave Jax tied to her wheelchair and he could tow her around the hospital, then I would just come back and visit both of them. She had a good laugh at that. She’s not that keen on eating and drinking these days but I persuaded her to have her evening strawberry ‘shake’. Jax was very interested in the food, but she told him that he couldn’t drink out of a straw.

I’m so glad I’m getting to spend time with Hannah while she’s still around. She didn’t have any visitors today so she was very pleased to see me. It seems the least I can do. Jax really likes it when I sit for a while to visit; he just lies down and goes to sleep. Sheesh, first day on the job and he’s sleeping. Good job he’s a volunteer!



  1. Oh! Congratulations to Jax. What a beautiful dog!

  2. He looks so handsome… all he’s missing is his Scooby lunchbox.

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