Posted by: shinyhappythings | Thursday, August 9, 2007

Where did the time go?

fb.jpgI am a recent inductee in the cult of Facebook. My brother finally persuaded me that I needed to create a profile and as soon as I did I was inundated with all sorts of friends linking to me. Friends from elementary school, Sunday school, high school, old jobs etc etc.  I resisted for so long, now I am calling my friends – “you’ve got to get on Facebook”.

It is the neatest thing to find these old friends. The people my age who sign onto Facebook are the ones who are most interested in reaching out to people so I have found it a very inclusive process.  As I keep updating my profile, I wonder just who is interested in the fact that I like Collective Soul and if I wouldn’t just be better off picking up a book. But I would never had that soul-affirming email from a young woman who remembered the 22-year old me as “as one of the coolest and sweetest women in the world “.  Nor would I have found out that the lovely guy who was not happy when his affections were not returned (14 years ago) is now married with a little one on the way.

Now I have to build the intestinal fortitude to not check Facebook ‘one more time’ before I go to bed/work/wash the dishes.  Step away from the computer. And I thought blogging time was getting out of hand!


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