Posted by: shinyhappythings | Wednesday, August 15, 2007

See, Facebook is good

Although my Facebook time has slowed (slightly) I am still tickled every time someone finds me, or I discover something new about one of my friends. Like today… I have reconnected with my grad date (from 20 years ago, yes) who was one of my best friends in school but not a boyfriend. He is now married with a beautiful daughter and lives fairly near me here in BC.  His wife owns a long arm quilting business. HELLO!?!?  Could that be more serendipitous? Now you may have noticed a lack of quilting posts on my blog recently. That is only because it is summer and I just can’t stand the volume of material all over me when I’m quilting in the heat… so it’s on a bit of a rest. 

So if you’re searching out a place to send your quilt, definitely give Karen a call. She’s not far from the border if you are making the trip up from Seattle.  You can find her website at Farmer’s Daughter Quilting

I am so excited that I’m looking foward to the cooler weather to get quilting again.



  1. Oh, I haven’t joined Facebook yet…but now I am curious.

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