Posted by: shinyhappythings | Monday, October 13, 2008

So do I explain where a year went, or

Just jump in and pretend I wasn’t away?  I’ve spent my time reading other blogs, sewing, and meeting the man of my dreams. and getting married. So just because I’ve not been here doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy – just the opposite in fact.

How do you explain how the day you met this new guy you knew he was the one? Never mind that he had creds you know, friend of a friend and all. What made me decide that this guy was worth an entire Saturday date, a lovely sunny fall day (and how rare are they?)  All the previous dates were low risk drinks-after-work, and each of them fell under the category of ninety-minutes-I-won’t-get-back.  

But new man, I somehow decided without real awareness, was worth an entire day.  Coffee at Tim Horton’s to start, then a walk with my dog around the lake. Then (really) my idea, the annual collector car show (I think that’s when he realized how truly great I was 😉  From there, back to his apartment so he could get changed for our dinner date… Then back to mine so I could get changed. On to an authentic Greek restaurant by the ocean, and a stroll down the seawall afterwards for our first kiss.  We’ve hardly been out of each other’s sight since then.

That was one year ago today… Oct 13 2007.  You’ve wondered where I’ve been?


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