Posted by: shinyhappythings | Wednesday, October 15, 2008

He didn’t say it shouldn’t be quilted

My darling husband, who I here shall call Fireman, is a motorcycle rider.  In all but a few weeks of the year, that can be a cold trip.   He’s always had a neckwarmer to try to ward off the wind a bit, but it’s never done a great job.  It was simply the neck cut off an old turtleneck – good idea but not as effective as he’d like.  Knowing that I don’t need much encouragement to sew things, he asked if I’d make him a new one. 

Perhaps he had no idea what that simple request, with it’s lack of specific direction, did to me.  I figured it out on paper. I cut it out of muslin and modified it some more. Then I cut it out of some leftover Lightning McQueen fabric and backed the quilt sandwich with rip stop nylon.  And then, just because I was having the urge, I quilted it with my new walking foot. Then bound it in flames fabric and set up some velcro to fasten behind the neck. 

Now perhaps he was expecting something made of denim or tough camo fabric. Not red or cartoon-ey, but he loves it. He wears it with pride and has shown it off to his riding buddies.  He didn’t say it shouldn’t be quilted!


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